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Convert to OpenOffice

Many Thanks about the GOTD! :)

Dear Lady/Gentleman,

Kindly I ask your attention.

Could there be an Update, so it can be converted into OpenOffice (Extentions)?

The .DOC conversion doesn't happen at all, it starts and after a while there has an error notification.

The Convert into HTML doesn't complete, images are placed in a map/folder, but NO HTML startpage. The program suddenly stops working and closes.

Could your firm let have some options, like:
Set Tabs to Convert to, as a Tab Option like browsers. No need to have 2 windows open.
An option to have it like that! :)

Minimize to System Tray might be a good thing. I don't know, some might like it.

Thanks about all your efforts! :)

Hopefully, I informed your firm enough.

PS: Have a happy work week & weekend! :)

USER , 03.07.2019, 11:20
Idea status: under consideration


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